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Egg Hatching Guildlines

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PostSubject: Egg Hatching Guildlines Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:08 pm

These guidelines are in place so the tribe m8s don't go on a hatching spree and then leave 1 person to feed all of the raises cause they were unwilling to go on a food run.

-If you want to hatch eggs you will need to farm or get the materials for 4 fridges that will be dedicated to only you while you hatch the egg, ask admin where to put the fridges when you have them.

- before you hatch them fill all 4 of your designated fridges with cooked meat

- 1 hatch per 4 fridges, if you hatch more than that they are subject for slaughter!

- if you get twins or triplets be willing to go on more food  runs to fill 8-12 fridges full of cooked meat.

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Egg Hatching Guildlines
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