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30k Likes Reset

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Navi Cynder
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PostSubject: 30k Likes Reset Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:14 pm

The widget on the main page , will no longer show 30k likes, this is because will be redirecting to the new main link " " , it will show the 30k likes again , if we ever change the main link back to, but for google seo reasons I've decided to make this change to help motivate the 30k goal once again, as much of a sucky feeling it is to go from 30k likes back to 1k is, I feel like it is for the better, if the worst case were to happen, I will simply reverse the action.

I have also changed the youtube button to connect to our new channel , instead of my personal one /QuintenArmijo

yes this does mean, if I somehow randomly die today, "" will eventually expire and it will automagically go back to the default "" and will go back to the original like count.

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30k Likes Reset
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