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Spyro’s Forum was originally created and hosted by Forumotion.com for a Return To Castle Wolfenstein clan known as plain and simple “Dragon” , the clan tag being “ Name ▀█▀ Dragon “  or “ ~Dc ▌Name █▀ “ in 2001 as a RTCW themed clan forum that had the usual .tk redirect, typical for RTCW clans of the day.
When I was 5-10 years old I had a dream of a dragon and had written in a notepad which was given to me by my biological mother which can also be a time reference to estimate the date I had this dream, but in my childish handwriting mentioning the dragon I had a dream of , is the only solid evidence I have that confirms that I did in fact have a dream of a dragon similar to “ Cynder “ that was released in “ Dawn of The Dragon “ on 2008 of October , although the evidence is in text format, the dream is the only reason why “ Dragon Clans “ clan forum was re-themed to “ The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of The Dragon “ in 2008, however I'm only willing to send a screenshot of the evidence to those who wish to see it to authenticate the handwriting.
Meanwhile having the “ Legend of Spyro “ themed clan forums to attract anyone who may have had a similar experience, is still being managed and treated like an MGC ( Multi-Gaming Community). Most active in free to play games such as Crossfire.
Over the years Spyro’s Forum has had some relentless haters trying to pull my forum  as “ Activision official “ in hopes to lure away spyro fans and future members. Please note that the forum is hosted by Forumotion.com , which they can prove that removing the “ Forumotion.com “ copyrights  right at the bottom of it, is literally impossible, making it to where being “ Official “ is practically impossible to pull off with their copyrights in the way, in other words. . .  “Spyro’s Forum”, could not have been at any given time be “ Official “.
The dream also inspired the birth of my other forum page,